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DirectAuction.uk    I aim to sell my domains as a business opportunity and to show how they can be  used to promote any business.  platform giving you the ability to create and run your own on-line shop behind a computer screen    imageadvertiser.co.uk    BusinessReseller.co.uk Domain Names For Sale



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 Become a social seller and one thing to remember is that most sellers are buyers and need to restock find your target audience on the different social media,  gone are the day of cold calling, you need to build your own facebook social network platform. This is one way to drive customers to your website from a very high traffic social media platforms like face-book and Twitter. Using your Domainname in your keyword Website Card followers and customers will form an instant foot-fall to your website  affiliate shops or any new Start ups selling inspiring products instantly reach your targeted Audience. All Domain Names that are for sale we’re selling though Sedo’s domain marketplace they brings buyers and sellers together. become a DigitalTrader.co.uk Buying Quality domains improve your advertising conversions, ROI, and search engine rankings while strengthening your on-line brand presence. I know naming you business is not quick or easy thing to do it can take months even then you have to think of ways to improve you user visibility, One way is to coin an other relevant keyword name to point to your URL Business name as a digital websitecard for grabbing media traffic and turning that traffic into extra revenue from adverts placed and promoted by sites like - Google (Example List of my 500+ domains) that are Listed at Sedo Marketplace The price’s  showing in the example list to the right of this page are the buy it now prices that are listed at Sedo’s marketplace DirectAuction.co.uk  (This may be my first entry) You can now make an offer  via Sedo for any domain name listed at Sedo Domain Name Direct-Auction your offer Bid if excepted is then held for 7 days if no higher Bid is made at Sedo’s domain name Direct Auction it’s yours if you are the highest Bidder at the End of Sedo’s Auction. Sedo then instructs the seller to transfers the domain name via  NOMINET to you  using the email address that was sent to the seller by Sedo at end of auction There is a transfer fee of £12 payable direct to NOMINET by you the buyer, you have a 5 day window to verify the email LINK and except the NOMINET transfer (if you miss that 5 day deadline you need to ask Sedo to instruct the seller to resend another transfer request to NOMINET to start the proses over again :(  Take a look at our colourful : Offers Wanted   and buy Another    >>>>>
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